Paul Clark

Fall 2002-                          School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
Spring 2006                      -Bachelor of Fine Art in Animation
                                           with honors
Spring 1997-                     The Center for Character Animation
Fall 2000                            Levittown, NY  
WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                              

October 2013-                   Gravity                                                     New York, NY          
Present                               Animator                               
                                           - Animate commercials for the Ford F150

October 2013-                   Robotic Raptor                                         New York, NY          
Present                               Animator / Designer                               
                                           - Create online ad for iphone app by Real Networks

March 2013-                      Free to Be Productions                          New York, NY          
Present                               Animator                                
                                           - Create Flash animation for website

February 2013                   The Productive                                        New York, NY
                                           - Animated promo in Flash for an Intel documentary

August 2012-                     341 Productions                                      New York, NY
November 2012                  Animator
                                           - Animated on "Team Toon" TV series for
                                             Cartoon Network Europe

May 2011-                        McGraw Hill                                            New York, NY
August 2012                      Animator / Illustrator
                                           - Animated and designed info-graphics about
                                            "The Zappos Experience" by Joseph Michelli and
                                            "Capturing New Markets" by Stephen Wunker

December 2011-                 LifeCare                                                      Shelton, CT                                    
April 2012                         Animator / Designer
                                           Designed and animated info-graphics about the services
                                           Lifecare provides

June 2004 -                        CLY Cards                                        
March 2011                       Illustrator
                                           -Made Illustrations in Flash and Photoshop for SAT prep
                                            cards for print and iPhone application

February 2010-                  DMA Animation                                        Yonkers, NY
December 2010                   Animator / Designer / Layout Artist / Compositor
                                           -Made Flash animation for The Children's Hospital of
                                            Orange County
                                           -Designed backgrounds and animated a music video for
                                           "The Rattles" band
January 2008-                    Animation Collective                             New York, NY
October 2008                     Character Layout Artist / Animator /
                                           After Effects Artist
                                           - Drew key poses in Flash, composited and added
                                            effects in After Effects for
                                            "Speed Racer: The Next Generation"
                                            TV series for Nickelodeon
                                           - Drew keys and animated characters for
                                            "Captain Macaroni," TV pilot for Daystar Television

December 2006 -               Publicis Groupe                                       New York, NY
May 2008                           Animator and Illustrator
                                           -Animated Charmin commercial
                                           -Animated in Flash for
                                            and General Mills web banner
                                           -Illustrated in Flash for General Mills’

 June 2007                         Plymptoons                                              New York, NY
                                           -Colored and cleaned drawings in Photoshop for feature
                                             film, “Angels and Idiots”

April 2007-                        Animagic, Creative Group Inc           New York, NY
May 2007                          After Effects Artist
                                           -Composited animation and added effects for
                                            “Nate the Great” TV series for PBS

September 2006 -              World Leaders Entertainment           New York, NY
February 2007                   Intern
                                          -Colored backgrounds and props in Flash for
                                            “Super Normal” series for itv 1
                                          -Animated in Flash for AOL “Sugar Gliders” webisodes

August 2000                      Fantasimation                                     Levittown, NY
                                           -Scanned and colored drawings in Photoshop for short

COMPUTER SKILLS                                                                                               
Mac & PC proficient, Flash , Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere